Good for Warrick County and Our Environment:

Posted by in News, on December 8, 2015

The New Warrick Recycles Service.

The Warrick County Recycling & Resource Management District (WCRRMD) is happy to bring Warrick Recycles   ̶   a new curbside trash and recycling service   ̶   to residents of Warrick County who live outside of Newburgh, Chandler and Boonville city limits.

Warrick Recycles is ready to begin serving county residents who accepted this new program on December 1, 2015.

Benefits to Warrick County Residents:

• In most cases, Warrick Recycles services will cost county residents considerably less than they would pay for commercial trash services (Cost: $14.50 per month or $43.50 per quarter*).
• Residents will enjoy reliable trash pick-up and easy, convenient recycling services. Recycling pick-up is unlimited, with no additional cost.
• Fewer trash trucks in our communities will reduce wear and tear on county roads, resulting in reduced costs for maintaining these roads.
*Seniors (65+), disabled residents and veterans (active and retired) will receive a 10% discount on Warrick Recycles services.

Benefits to Warrick County:

• The county’s sale of recyclables will help pay for Warrick Recycles’ new processing and sorting facility, now in full operation. Once our new facility is paid for, recycling proceeds will be returned to Warrick County’s tax base.
• Warrick County is leading the way in Indiana’s state-wide program to reduce waste in our landfills by 50%. This waste reduction also will reduce the need for additional landfills in our county.

Warrick Recycles and WCRRMD look forward to serving Warrick County residents!
For more information call 812-897-6155.

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